10 Things You May Not Know About Me

So you know that I moved from southern California to the mountains of Wyoming. That I love my husband, black coffee, and my not so little puppy. That I could listen to Ryan Adams all day long and that I really like old movies. But here are some things that you probably don't know about me:

1) I desperately want an old Ford Bronco. I had an old navy and white one as my first vehicle. It was made of steel and could hit anything without ever denting- and I would know- because I did everything from hitting a grocery cart corral to reversing, downhill over a palm tree- and no one could ever tell :) While I'm requesting old vehicles- I also want an Airstream

2) I'm scared to death of grasshoppers. On a family trip to the river, a whole swarm of them attacked me outside an old Bob's Big Boy while running to the car in 100+ degree weather- they covered me and went up my shirt- I Hate them.
2.5) I'm also afraid of fish. The fact that they can sneak up on you and suck on your toes freaks me out. And then there are those river monster sized fish. I do not want to die by being swallowed by a godzilla sized catfish. I couldn't even post this picture because it creeped me out so bad. For clarification- I am not afraid of spiders, bears, wolves, etc... and I have also gone in a shark cage made of chicken wire and pvc pipe... I have weird fears

3) I love westerns and could watch John Wayne movies all day long... Danny does not share this love of mine
4) The first instrument I learned how to play was the koto. It's a Japanese string instrument about the length of your bed. It's huge, and heavy, and awesome. Plus you get to wear these fake nail things while you play it.

5) I'm created from the axis of evil- the first one. I'm Japanese, German, and Italian... and then throw in a little fighting  Irish and I'm complete

6) My favorite ice cream flavor in the whole entire world is Chocolate Malted Crunch from Thrifty's... or Rite Aid as they like to call themselves now. Some of my favorite memories are escaping the crazy California summers with my ice cream cone inside the drug store

7) I was an extra in tv shows growing up. I never wanted to be an actress but I did want to meet Jonathan Taylor Thomas and I was convinced this was the only way how. Plus- I got to miss school, drive to LA with my Mama, and get paid $100 for basically sitting around all day eating free food ($100 might as well be a million dollars when you're in grade school). You've no doubt seen me in the background of such critically acclaimed dramas such as Big Bad Beetleborgs, Ghost (a tv show based on the movie- it's failure to even make it to tv is a mystery to me), and a Rockford Files made for TV Movie (if only I understood how awesome James Garner was back then). I don't remember the names of the others, but the fact that they're less memorable than the ones I've already mentioned is definitely saying something
p.s- James Garner married his wife 2 weeks after they met at a political rally in 1956. They've been  together ever since. Love that

8) I have monkey toes. I pick things off the ground and pinch Danny's leg with them all the time. It's a lost art

9) As appetizing as that photo looks, I don't like doughnuts/ donuts (however you spell it). I do however like every other pastry on this planet... and will eat them all if set in front of me 

10) My first concert ever was Reba McEntire. I was in elementary school and won tickets on the radio- 3rd row with VIP access. I was too young to win so I had to run and get my mom.  I still remember her buying me a pretty dress from Nordstrom and taking me on our little date- so much fun. Reba opened with Fancy (which to this day is still one of my favorite songs).  


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  1. Great fun facts! Well some, that grasshopper incident would have freaked me out.

  2. I forgot how bad Grasshoppers scared you, I think back to all the times King High had them Lurking around and you would freak out!

  3. i remember your bronco!!!! bahahaha and girl, i would LOVE an old beast like that, too... i see them all the time at the beach and oh how i envy those laid back people cruising... and yes, attach an airstream to mine as well (:

    i LOVED reading this! bahaha maybe i'll do another one (in the far future) that's hilarious like this (:

  4. My mom and I can do some serious sing alongs to Fancy!

  5. This is super cute - and I think every girls' first car needs to be something built like a tank. My first car was an '88 Camry and I hit everything from people (football players) to my parents garage door with that thing! I might need to get started on a list like this - thanks for the idea.

  6. I am so with you on the Bronco and fish. I always had Broncos growing up and learned to drive in it! The back bench seats and roll down back window makes it! As for fish, they are nasty, nasty creatures. Frankenfish completely ruined fish for me. Fish that walk on land, oh hell NO!

  7. All very interesting! I see old broncos around here every once in awhile....I think they make a great beach living vehicle. I love beach living so it would all work out!

  8. Thanks for not booing my lameness everyone haha

    Sprinkles- I hit my dad's garage too! And wow- football players? lol


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