Scenic Rafting through Grand Teton National Park

My mom and sister left on Sunday... sadness. And my brother leaves today to go back up to Montana. I feel like Danny and I are some old couple and all our children are leaving the nest. We've had such a crazy- busy house for the last week and a half and now... it's quiet... and there's room to walk around without bumping into a suitcase or air mattress or bag of goodies from town. Which is nice for obvious reasons, but I really, really miss them. And would rather have them here any day of the week.

On their last day here we took them rafting through Grand Teton National Park. The scenic stretch from Dead Man's to Moose is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite things to do here.

Here's what our adventure looked like...


  1. So beautiful! I would love to go rafting there!

  2. Nothing like rafting through mountains! :)

  3. That is so gorgeous! Do you guys have your own raft?

  4. thearmydoctorswife: Not yet- someday we will :) But for now, since my husband is a river rafting guide, we just got one from the place where he works

  5. oh i get so envious seeing these posts! that's wonderful that you had family around--but yes it's very sad when they leave, i totally hear you on that.


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