Lake Solitude

On Labor Day, I found myself sitting against a boulder and looking out at this view in front...And this view of my husband to the right... it was pretty nice (He's crazy by the way, that's glacial water full of snow melt).

We hiked the 7 miles up to Lake Solitude in the Teton Mountain Range for a gourmet hiker's lunch of gold fish crackers, apples, and Powerade. And after about an hour and a half of reading, napping, relaxing, and swimming in Danny's case... it was time to hike the 7 miles back

The trail is gorgeous: full of fragrant pine trees and granite boulders...

And then you get to this valley that just looks like something out of Land Before Time... yes I am referring to the Little Foot dinosaur movie of long ago. It's gorgeous.

The sky wasn't as clear as we would have liked due to the multiple fires we've had around here lately, but we had gorgeous waterfalls to keep our mind off of it...

You can actually camp down in that valley too... we saw some hikers setting up their tents on the way down

Danny would often get a little far ahead of me (because I'm one of those people looking up at everything around me)...

So I'd make him stop and pose for a picture...

The wildflowers were in full bloom...

But because sections like this make me think of all the bears that could be lurking around... I stayed close behind Danny just in case (If you scroll 2 photos back up, you can see our bear mace hooked on Danny's strap)

Once we were back in the thick forest, we came across this awesome tree uprooted on the side of the trail

And then across another beautiful river...

Oh yeah... I make completely lame faces and gestures like this... and I pose with my feet pointed inwards like a penguin... I'm that cool

There are bridges off and on throughout the trail so weary travelers like ourselves can cross...

And then back into the land of Christmas trees we went one more time... because pizza was on the other side


  1. Every time you post these scenic photos, I am astounded that you live around such beauty!!

  2. soo..basically you just mentioned all my favorite things: hiking, lakes, goldfish, apples, Christmas trees, land before time, and pizza. What a SPLENDID way to spend the holiday weekend :) I had thought I *lost* my hiking shoes, but Justin found them and now I am AMPED to hike again! and I like the cheeseball face and gesture :)

  3. I didn't even say how amazing the scenery is!! Can me and my hubby visit you sometime? I warn you: I may never want to leave!

  4. Beautiful! I'm so jealous of where you live!

  5. "Three horns never play with looooong necks!" Haha love it. I still haven't ever made it all the way up to Lake Solitude; I seriously need to do that. I had super high hopes for the summer and when I looked up again, it was fall! How on earth did that happen?? Bryan and I are hoping to get in a good hiking/camping trip soon, we'll see. Hope you're doing well and enjoying the very end of summer!

  6. Ash: of course! Summer is the best time because of all the activities... and I agree- I don't think you'll want to leave either :)

    Jessica: hahaha when we were in the valley I just kept picture a long neck in the middle of it... Danny didn't share my vision lol. You two should totally go- it's gorgeous- I recommend starting early and taking the ferry over to cut off 4 miles round trip. And I totally agree about summer- it's been so cold these past few mornings- I'm already back in fleece :(

  7. That scenery is so impossibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing--wish my hubby and I could follow in you and your husband's footsteps and pack up and leave SoCal for such a wonderful place. Still dreaming! One day! :)

  8. Your photos all make me miss the west/midwest so much! This summer was the first time I got my husband really into hiking, and I can't wait to bring him with me next summer!


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