If I Was A... I'd Be...


I'd be Autumn. I love cold, crisp air... the smell of fireplaces going... the leaves changing from yellow to orange to red. I love everything about it... It reminds me of sharpened pencils and new bookbags, sipping coffee, and our wonderful, mountain wedding


Aqua/ Turquoise Blue (It's so calming and peaceful... although I also love sunshine yellow)


Orange blossoms. Growing up in Riverside, we were surrounded by orange groves. And driving around cool, summer nights, windows down, the scent of orange blossoms was intoxicating... that scent always takes me back

Time of Day:

Early Morning... There's so much promise... people say "Good Morning" to one another, the air is still cool... you can really do anything

Food and Drink:

Dark Chocolate and Black Coffee... enough said


Turquoise. It's my favorite color, my birthstone, and it feeds my fascination of Native Americans and the Southwest... I love it


Cherry Blossom... My grandma called me Cherry Blossom girl growing up... which is funny since I was a tomboy- but I was- I just love them. And whether that has something to do with my Japanese heritage I don't know- they just make me happy


The mountains. It is here that I feel most at peace. Being surrounded by things that are bigger than you can be good for the soul. I love hiking through their canyons, smelling fragrant pines mixed with kicked up dirt, and feeling so incredibly at home.

I got the idea for this post from Ashley over at House of Glass- thanks Ash! If you decide to do a similar post, link back and let me know- I'd love to see your version

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. love this! i'm totally with you on autumn.

  2. Love this post, Brandi! Just beautiful. And your choices are gorgeous--thank you for sharing! By the way, friend, happy anniversary (our first is this weekend and we're headed up to Big Bear to celebrate). :) --Kat

  3. Happy Anniversary to you too Kat! How crazy and exciting that it's already been a year :)


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