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As of late, the husband and I have been addicted to HGTV... in particular House Hunters International. That show is awesome! And of course it leaves us pondering if we could ever leave everything to live abroad for awhile. Sure we left everything we knew to move to a different state... but leaving the country is just a whole other ball game. We're particularly drawn to the town of Ronda in southern Spain. And even though we'll probably never move there, we're thinking of planning a trip there within the next couple of years now... we shall see

Have you ever thought of moving abroad? Where would you go?

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  1. We are moving to Spain in October! We're super excited--we'll be in the northwest, but we'll have to make a trip to Ronda for some paperwork (my husband is a navy/military contractor). We've also been addicted to House Hunters International just because we have a hard time imagining just what it'll be like to live over there.

    I think that if you have the desire, means and the opportunity to live abroad, you should definitely consider it! I think it'll definitely be an adventure for us!

  2. if the right circumstances came along, i would definitely consider it, but i haven't taken the initiative myself to seek out living in another country. i think i'm a bit too much a creature of habit, and contemplating that kind of change and being far away from my family is probably a bit too much unless something landed in my lap. paris and london would be at the top of my list. i know, really out-of-the-box there.

  3. I love watching House Hunters International as well! I'd love to move to Hawaii (I know, not international) but I don't know what I'd do there for a job :)

  4. We definitely are planning on spending some time living overseas, but for us- the States IS overseas! We hope to live in the States for a bit, and we might settle there, otherwise we would like to live in Australia, Thailand or Indonesia. In our long-term future we dont think we will settle in New Zealand (where we live now).

  5. I followed you ove from Weddingbee, but have never commented until now! I spent 6 months during College in Seville, Spain (also in the South) and had the opportunity to visit Ronda. It really is amazing and beautiful and a bit magical. I loved Seville, as well and would also recommend Granada -- particularly if you like the outdoors. Living abroad again is definitely a dream of mine -- I'm determined to make it happen at some point! :)

  6. mm..yes :) I've always wanted to go back to barcelona. Paris is a given for me and have recently added Seoul to the mix! perk of silver pencils--you can do it anywhere! ;)

  7. Skip Ronda and go to Granada!! Or skip Spain and head to Portugal! I also studied in Sevilla (my best friend lives there permanently now) and we both agree that Lagos, Portugal is Heaven on Earth. Tropical beaches can't compare to Lagos!

  8. Mandy- I can't wait to see pictures of your new place in Spain- you must be having so much fun right now!

    Serena- your job could be blogging about all the good eats in Hawaii... then you could jump from island to island rating all the food... for business reasons of course :)

    Bonnie- that's so exciting! I love that living overseas is definitely in the plans- you two are so adventurous

    Lauren- thanks for following me over! It's so great to see you on here! That's so awesome that you lived in Spain. I was only there for a week and I fell in love- I can't imagine how I'd feel after being there for an extended period of time... I may never leave

    Anabel- Right?! I just need Danny to get a job he can do anywhere now :) Do you think they need river rafting guides in Spain? :)

    Rachel- I've always wanted to go to Portugal! It's definitely on my list- and I'm glad you and Lauren both recommended Granada- it's always better hearing from people who've been there


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