Out of Town Guests: Round 3

We have been so blessed with the amount of people willing to come visit us on their vacation time- I mean seriously- we live a minimum of 16 hours away from each of our visitors. And we've had such a great time with each of them. This time in particular was our first time having guests with small children. Oh and I just fell in love with them- just look at little Jackson here (his name is so fitting). Their last day here we took the drive to Yellowstone to hopefully see some animals for the kids. And not even 5 miles out of town we saw a moose and her calf walking along the side of the road. Not to shabby...

This is definitely the busiest time of year to visit Yellowstone. Just look at all the visitors waiting for Old Faithful to spout off...

While waiting for Old Faithful, you can watch people walking around the other hot springs and such...

And then just like clockwork, Old Faithful erupts and every one's eyes and cameras are glued on the event... except mine... because I was watching everyone else like a creeper

Once finished, the crowds all get up at the same time to create this semi controlled chaotic scene... keep a close eye on your children... even if you have to drag them

Danny charging through the mob of a crowd with Madison on his back

After Old Faithful, we hit up Midway Geyser Basin...

And Danny and I posed for a picture

If you're ever in Yellowstone, I highly recommend Midway Geyser Basin- it's absolutely beautiful with all the colors

And if you look closely on the orange part, you can even see the imprint of bison hooves from when they walk through

And then next to the bison hooves you've got mine

Jackson taking the view in from atop his dad's shoulders

And no trip to Yellowstone would be complete without my favorite animal. We saw a whole herd of bison on the hill, but I liked this guy since he was up close

Thanks for enduring my multiple posts filled with pictures of bison :)


  1. I have never been to Yellowstone before - it looks SO gorgeous!


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