Out for a Walk

Late afternoon on Easter, Danny and I decided to take Maverick on a little walk out in nature.

On our drive out to the Tetons, there were tons of deer grazing and prancing along the side of the road... which scared me to death because I felt like they were going to jump out in front of me at any second.

Another animal heavily present on our drive out were the elk. They have started to leave the Refuge and are making their way back towards Yellowstone.

This shot's a little blurry but I like that you can see this tough guy's antlers.

And for the first time in what seems like a very long time, we could also see the entire Teton range. Usually the Grand (tallest peak) has a lot of cloud cover during the winter. I felt so happy and refreshed seeing my favorite mountain range (am I the only nerd with a favorite?) The sun was being difficult so I put my hand out to block the rays and get a better shot.

And then I just started having fun with it...

Since I got caught up in the view (and being uber professional with my hand photos), I fell a little behind on our walk... which lead to Danny and Maverick having to jog back to me.

And because my husband grew a little tired of walking the dog who wants to run after every bird and squirrel, he handed the crazy animal over to me.

We even tried to take a family photo... although it kind of looks like I'm choking my dog (I'm not) so I'm not going to be showing this anywhere elseIt was such a relaxing and peaceful way to end our Sunday. Does anyone else go on family walks?


  1. Wow, the scenery is so amazing!

  2. Double wow. And you guys are so cute. I try to get us out on family walks every weekend- while we live in the City we are only 3 blocks from a National Park!! So awesome.


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