For the Love of Snail Mail

I love stationery. I have ever since grade school. I was the girl who picked up Giraffe stationery as my souvenir while other kids were snatching up gorilla masks and wooden jewelry on field trips to the zoo (We went on abnormal amount of field trips to the zoo). And yes- I was that cool.

Flash forward a million years and I still have the same love and adoration as I did before. Pretty paper, a handwritten hello, what's not to love? And so with all of the stationery that I've continued to collect (and use) over the years, I think I've started a mid year resolution. From this point forward, I'm going to try and write at least one hand written (non- email) hello to a friend, and at least once a month. It's nice to get mail that doesn't contain a bill anyways.

In grade school, I also used to have all of my friend's addresses memorized... and not in a creepy way. I actually sent mail that often. I used to have everyone's phone numbers memorized too but now with my cell I just scroll and tap. I should probably start playing that Memory game.

So today I'm sending off my first letter (using the cute stationery below). I wrote to my great aunt Mieko. She's incredibly special to me and if I've learned anything over the past couple of years- it's the importance of letting the people you love know it, while they're still healthy and well. My letter is sealed, stamped, and ready to go.

Does anyone else have a crazy love of stationery?

(Images in order via, sarahparrott825, 1Canoe2, Rife Paper Co)


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