Grab Your Bike and Go!

It's National Bike- to- Work Week! So dust off your 2- wheeled ride, hop on, and take some time to enjoy the scenery on your way to work. Or if you're like me and work from home, take a ride somewhere that you would normally drive to. My husband checked my tires last night and said they're flat so I'll be taking my vintage orange Schwinn into the local bike shop to get them pumped up. I read in Shape magazine that an hour of riding your bike also burns 560 calories- so a half hour to work and back and you're done for the day. Happy Bike Week!

another bicycle

Image by Hannes Kroneberger via here


  1. Cute bike photo! My husband is greasing my chain and pumping up my tires tomorrow. I'm excited to start riding my bike to work!

  2. Yay!! Have fun! And are you still working 4 days a week? We need to get together again and catch up :)

  3. Hope you're having a great week!

  4. Brandi - yep, I still have Tuesdays off for the time being. I may pick up some shifts later this summer at Solitude, but with the crumby weather, they're pretty slow right now. Is Danny floating this summer? I'd love to catch up, sounds fun! OH, and we started going to church, and I really love it!!! Feels SO GOOD to be back in a church family, even if we just started going and don't know a lot of people.


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