Elk Fest

This past weekend was Elk Fest in Jackson.

Each Spring, the elk in the Elk Refuge here in Jackson shed their antlers before heading out for the summer. The Boy Scouts then help the folks at the Refuge collect these antlers which they auction off to furniture dealers, collectors, and rich folks. The proceeds then go back to the Refuge to care of the elk.

And these antlers go for So. Much. Money. While we were standing here, the bidding was already at over a thousand for one of the stacks.

Cute, little boy scouts then haul over the antlers to the winning bidder

While the auction is going on, there's also activities going on in the park for the kids and boy scouts who aren't hauling antlers

Antlers waiting to be auctioned off...

Along a side street, private sellers sell to people who aren't in the market for Costco sized portions of antlers

The private sellers also have more than just elk antlers.

Some of the activities the boy scouts had set up reminded me of Frontier Land at Disneyland

We didn't stay that long... because if you're not in the market for antlers, there's really not much else to do :)

But I love going to events like these in our town- even if just for a short while. I love the community aspect of it... and the fact that I can walk there just makes it all the more better.


  1. Wow, all those antlers - impressive!!

  2. Whoa, that's amazing. So, did you get a pair? :) I'd totally want a pair or two!!! Reallllll bad!

  3. Alyssa you are such a mountain girl! lol And no I didn't... they're actually pretty expensive- this little tiny thing I was looking at was $30. Plus- we already have an antler in our house... we get too many and it's going to start looking like a hunting lodge :)


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