New Items in Silver Pencils Etsy Store

Some new items have been added to the Silver Pencils Etsy Store. And I'm excited to say that they are just the start of many more to come. Introducing...

Cosette Luxe Brooch or Hair Fascinator
Derby in Ivory and Pink (soon to be listed)Something Blue LOVE IS SWEET Clothing Pin (Looks great against a bright cardigan!)Harvest Pomegranate Hair FascinatorSuper Luxe Champagne Peony Dress Pin or Hair FlowerAnd last but not least, Serenity


  1. These are gorgeous Brandi! I will be definitely checking out the store soon, as a little bee has hinted at us getting engaged in a few weeks

  2. So gorgeous! I love the pomegranate one!

  3. These are gorgeous!! I love the Cosette one.

    Random question, My husband and I are thinking of vacationing in Jackson Hole this month. Any tips or suggestions on what to do? I'm so lost!

  4. Gosh girl, I couldn't pick just one!

  5. I just absolutely love your stuff. The Cosette is just incredibly romantic. Bravo!

  6. little ms sassy shelby- I'm so sorry but I just saw the 2nd part of your comment now! Did you two ended up vacationing up here? If not, let me know if you still plan to and I'd love to give you some ideas :) I went on your blog but I couldn't find a way to contact you


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