Weekend Mountain Wedding: A Whole Lot of Love

"Lucky Man" by The Verve began to play as we were pronounced man and wife. Press Play above to listen to it as you scroll through the pictures.

In addition to the music, it also began to sprinkle little drops of rain. It was wonderful. We walked through our friends and family as husband and wife for the first time.

Our family and wedding party followed close behind.

And then we all gathered outside. Not in any normal fashion either. Everyone just kind of gathered in a circle and started talking and hugging. We had never planned this moment. We originally had planned on heading straight to the front of the bed and breakfast to take pictures- but the moment kind of just happened, and I loved it. The weather was freezing right now too! Our photographers captured my Maid of Honor Chris (who just got engaged this weekend!) signing our marriage certificate with a mitten. Guests were throwing on coats, scarves, beanies... anything they could to keep warm.But the weather didn't phase me. I was so happy that I think my happiness kept me warm. Guests kept coming up and offering me their coats. I nicely turned them down. This was my wedding day and I was wearing my wedding dress! When else would I get to experience this again? There was no way I was covering this baby up... well not until I had at least worn it for a couple hours. I waited until the temperature reached the 30's later on that night to cave :)Here I am hugging my Papa who passed away this past April. He was one of my favorite people in the world and I'm so happy our photographers captured this moment.Although this moment with our friends and family was never planned, I'm so glad that it did in fact happed. It reminded us how important it is to:

Take the time to be with the ones you love.Don't do side hugs; give full on bear hugsLet them point at you and say, "You're the man/ woman."And when you have a chance, also sneak away for some time with your person...And maybe kiss a little too ;)

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All photos by the amazingly talented Sandra Salisbury


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