Weekend Mountain Wedding: The Bridge, Part 2

The day was cold. The love was warm. And we were there, eating it all up. Let's continue

Last I left off, we were goofing off with our wedding party on the bridge. But that was from pretty far away. Now let's get up close and personal.

Mr. Espresso's "Album Cover", as he calls it :)

The guys were having a pretty good time showing off for the photographers. Case in point, my brother with "the point."My poor girls on the other hand were FREEZING!!! Temps in the low 40's, additional wind chill, and little black dresses... not the best combination. But they were wonderful and stuck it out. Every time the photographers stopped shooting they all ran into a group huddle for warmth.Then there was a shoe face off between the bridesmaids and groomsmen:And then the boys broke out the poses. Mr E., my sexy surfer husband, breakin out the ShakaBoys being Boys

And the aftermath. The mister loves this shot because of his "Joker" stanceMeanwhile on the other side of the bridge, us girls were taking some pictures of our own...And then we all ran back into a huddle for some "warm" pictures :)In the midst of the shoot, our photographer accidentally dropped something under the bridge. Not to worry, groomsmen apparently are trained for this type of situation.After the excitement of the jump and the retrieval of goods, we went to individual shots with each member of our wedding party. There's 14 of these babies, so I'll just show you the two we took with Mr's Espresso's brother and sister.And then it was time for "us". Here are a couple we took on the bridge.And then it was time to leave for our next backdrop... the one just for us. As we were walking back to the car, our photographer threw her coat on me to keep me from turning blue :)... and then snapped this candid photo of my new husband and I reveling in the day
Up Next: Our Pictures :)

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All photos by the amazingly talented Sandra Salisbury


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