Weekend Mountain Wedding: It's All Relative

Family photos... we love them. I grew up with 2 parents who were passionate about photography, and who in turn, passed their love onto me. Mr. Espresso has since become enthralled as well- and so we knew we wanted tons of photos on our wedding day... especially with our new families.

Here we are with Mr. Espresso's family. All family portraits were taken in front of the bed & breakfast.Three very important men in my life: my brother, my dad, and Mr. Espresso. While in between houses, Mr. E actually lived with my dad and brother for a while, which has made them all very close.
Us with Mama EspressoAnd with my Step Dad.With my Papa and Grandma Chicken. Growing up, one grandma had chickens and one had cows, so I named them accordingly. I later learned to stop calling my other grandma, "Grandma Cow" however :), but I have never stopped calling this one Grandma Chicken. Me and my mama. Mr. Espresso and I each took individual photos with our parents as well. I'll just show you a coupleMe and my cute ol dadI think this is the only serious family photo we have, but I totally love it. Mr. Espresso looks so much like both of his parentsAnd then we come to some sibling pics...This last is one of my favorites from the entire day. Having this picture with both of our brothers and sisters means so much to us, especially since my brother is now living in Montana. This is the first and only we have like this.
Do you have a planned out list of all the family portraits you want? Are you going to wing it like us?
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All photos by the amazingly talented Sandra Salisbury


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