This One's for the Girls

Initially, I wanted all of my bridesmaids to wear the same dress. My vision was of an affordable tea length, black dress that my 7 beautiful friends would not only want, but love to wear again. And after a week of searching, I found "it" at White House Black Market. Things were going oh so good. But then-after a few of them tried it on- I started to realize something. The dress looked very different on each one of them, from length to cleavage to fit. So...rather than have them all spend even more money on alternations and such, I set out to find something new. This was harder than I thought. After a month of searching, I came to the conclusion that no dress was going to fit the same on each one of my lovely bridesmaids. So I've decided to let each pick her own classy, tea- length, black, non- strapless dress. This will be much easier on their wallets, preference, and my brain. To help you see what my scatter brain is envisioning, I created the inspiration board below.

All Bridesmaid dresses from JCrew and Bluefly; Heels from BCBG, Wedding dress from the Knot, Ring from Tiffany's, Remaining pictures from Brides and The Bride's Cafe.


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