Rental Dilemma

Ok- so for as long as I've been thinking about it- I've wanted long instead of round tables. I like them, I think they're different, and I love the whole family style eating associated with them. But now I'm unsure. My caterer said our guest's knees will be hitting each- other with the long tables- I don't want that... but then what if she's wrong? Here are some pictures of our reception location empty and some from a wedding they had there with round tables.


  1. I JUST went over this dilemma myself. First question: what's your dinner serving style? Long tables will leave VERY little room for extra dishes and decor. This is the main reason for my keeping the round tables - even though I wanted square or long.

  2. seems a bit strange that he thinks your guests will be bumping knees? do they really have to be seated that close to one another?

    maybe it would be good to find out if anyone has used the rectangular tables at this venue?

    the venue looks awesome, and I think either round or rectangular would look great.

  3. I was thinking long rectangular too! Its definitely family style but also kind of sophisticated. If the tables were made to sit at, why would they be made without enough room for knees?


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