Flea Market Sunday

The Rose Bowl Flea Market is this Sunday and I'm really hoping I can rearrange my schedule to go. Each aisle and vendor boasts something different: multi colored assortments of depression glass goblets, vintage postcards, antique furniture, and every other object you'd like to find in Grandma's attic. As you are probably already thinking- this is also a great place to discover unique wedding decor. The prices are a bit higher though due to the L.A. crowd- Interior decorators and celebrities are regulars. I rely on Danny to spot them out since my eyes are already glued to vintage scarves and art prints. We spotted Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O' Connell while they were still dating, and I almost physically ran into Ashley Olsen last time we went!
This Sunday I'll be on the lookout for mason jars, vintage linen, and a large birdcage for my card holder. Maybe I'll see you there!

Images from RGCShows.com and People.com


  1. this sounds amazing! i'm looking for some equally exciting markets in vancouver - nothing quite this huge yet!

    hope you find some great stuff. If you haven't already been "tagged" - you're it! we need to hear about mr. silver pencils (http://stanleymakes3.blogspot.com/).


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