To the Weekend!

This morning I woke up to two large elk walking through the snow in front of our house. It was gorgeous and serene... until Maverick started barking like crazy... elk, cows, horses- he likes to verbally communicate with all of these- lucky me.

Posting around here will be a little light until the New Year. But I have so many exciting posts coming then- lots and lots of beautiful weddings featuring gorgeous SP brides- and I'm also starting a series about our move- how we decided upon moving and where to go, the logistics behind it, and the pros and cons behind doing so. But until then, these last few days of  December are going to be spent prepping for wedding season in SP Bridal (so many engagements over the holiday season- including mine 5 years ago today!), Christmas celebrations with friends, and counting my blessings for everything we've been given. It's been an amazing year-  I'm so looking forward to 2013.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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