Gift Guide for your Favorite Lady

And the Holiday Gift Guides begin!

Today... what to get your favorite lady... aka what I love this year


  1. I love those boots! I have the "El Dorado" style :)

  2. @BigAppleNosh The El Dorado style is gorgeous. They remind me of the equestrian boots I used to have when I took horseback riding lessons when I was younger... but much fancier and much more awesome :)

  3. I LOVE the boots too! Forwarding to John lol. I like this post.

  4. ooo i very much love the red beenie- so so cute

  5. @Erin- I love them too! They're called the Veronica Slouch... and they're made to last forever... so worth the money right? ;)

    @Marlen- me too!


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