Living with Purpose

Time passes so quickly. I can't believe that 3 years ago, I was so very unhappy, professionally speaking. I felt lost, unfulfilled, bitter, and caged. I hated my commute and I was becoming a very unflattering version of myself. They tell you that, " You're a grown up now-Welcome to the real world- This is life." But it's not. Life is living with purpose... with love. And only after I got the courage to step away and put in my notice, did I really start living that life.

Fast forward to today, and I couldn't be happier. I'm working harder and putting in more hours than I ever have in my entire life- but I feel so wonderfully fulfilled. I LOVE where I live. I LOVE what I do. And I am so fortunate that I married a man who was willing to take a leap of faith with me and move to where I felt called.

Of course there have been hiccups, hardships, and trials along the way, but there would have been on either road. And I'm so happy we chose this one.

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  1. I love this. :) And I SO agree!! You have to do what you love, or life will be miserable. I also love that mountain saying. It's one of my favorites. :)

  2. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog & hearing about your life in general. You are such an inspiration. I would to hear more about you coming to that realization of changing your life & how you chose where you did to live.

  3. Love love love. Couldn't have said it better myself and the liberating feeling I had in quitting my well paid job is indescribable! I'm proud of you and Danny for following your dreams.

  4. Oh! I have wanted to ask you so many questions about your leap of faith! How did you do it?! Did you and Danny have school loans or other crazy expenses that figured into the equation?? What was your path to the decision you made and then how did you make it happen? I've been following you since WeddingBee and you have inspired me often. I find myself kind of in the same situation that you describe--with the commute and feeling trapped--it would be great to hear more about how you and Danny broke free of your "cage". :) Thank you Brandi!

  5. I agree with Kat -- it would be neat to hear about how you made the big change. My husband is finding himself in this same situation, but doesn't know how to break out!

  6. Hey guys, after reading your comments- I've decided to do a multi- part post on why and how we chose to make this big move... since we're in the middle of moving it'll probably be up sometime mid November- thanks for the inspiration!

    Becca- so excited that you made the leap! Hope you're having fun on all your travels- make sure and make it out to Jackson on one of them :)


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