To the Weekend!

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From this point on, the next couple months are going to be non- stop busyness. Two sets of parents are visiting, then I'm leaving with my dad to drive back to California with him for a friend's wedding- where  I'll be for over a week. And then when I get back we'll be packing up our house to move. Mind you- we still haven't found the place we're moving to- but we had to give 2 months notice so it's official. We'll be staying in Jackson  Hole though and hoping to find something with a little bit of yard- keep your fingers crossed for us. Giving notice without knowing where you're going is kind of scary- plus I just finally finished decorating our house... and I hate moving. But it will be good- staying positive :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Next week I have a gorgeous Real Wedding for you- See you then!


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