Driving around Jackson Hole

A couple Sundays ago, I decided to go for a little drive. Danny had been out of a town on a rock climbing trip and I just kind of wanted to get out and do a little sight seeing. So I loaded Mav up in the car,  rolled down the windows, and blasted some good music (ie- Ryan Adams, Etta James, & Louis Armstrong). It was absolutely fantastic.

There was a thunderstorm brewing above the Tetons keeping the air nice and cool.

Mav was alert the entire length of our 4.5 hour drive (yeah... I kind of stayed out a little longer than I expected). Between a herd of bison running out in front of us and deer popping out along the side later- he couldn't allow himself to miss barking at anything

The gorgeous Tetons

A couple days later, Danny was in the mood for a drive himself, so we headed up to one of our favorite areas called the Gros Ventre

 Some pronghorn action

The happy dog came along on this drive too

Danny stood in the middle of the river fly fishing while I sat along the banks with Mav and read...

But then it started to get dark

And we headed home.


  1. aghhh so peaceful.
    now that im funemployed, lets go on a drive together!

    xo the egg out west.

  2. Hey girl- How much longer will you be out here?


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