Fire in Jackson Hole

A major fire started here on Saturday and is still going strong. You can see the instagram photo I took of the smoke out our window when it started here. The fire has now consumed over 1,500 acres and is only 15% contained. While it's extremely close to us (just over the ski hill I hike behind us), it's heading east and we're thankfully north of it. We do have friends that have been put on evacuation notice though which is kind of scary. Keep Jackson Hole, the residents, and its awesome firefighters in your prayers. We're hoping for some rain today.

Photo by Tristan Greszko


  1. Wow, that is intense and so scary! I am praying for rain, and for the safekeeping of you guys and the Jackson Hole community. xo

  2. This picture is craziness. Hope all is well with everyone.


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