Clouds in Kauai

Buenos Dias! Let's talk about clouds today! I love clouds. Sometimes they're thick and puffy. Other times they're thin and straight. And sometimes they look like giant alligators. Pure awesomeness.

As of late- we haven't really had a bunch of clouds here in Jackson. We've had crazy snowstorms where the sky is so gray you can't see anything. And we've had days where it's bright and sunny with not a cloud in sight... but those days tend to be negative 15- and I just stay inside.

So when I was looking for which photo to submit for my "word of the week" over at 3 Letter Words I came across all of these photos of clouds I had taken in Kauai. And I was instantly taken back to tropical sunsets, gorgeous clouds, and much, much warmer weather.

Pulling up to our spot on the desolate beach...

AFRICA! No... still Kauai. But this tree reminds me of Lion King

Hello moon...

Alright I'm ready. Who's taking me back?


  1. AFRICA?! bahahaha i LOVE these pictures (and you need to post more about your vacay, missy!) We are going to maui this year, so if you want to stuff yourself in a suitcase, kayak the great pacific, or teleport yourself there, DO IT (:

  2. I know I know! I keep forgetting! Maybe next week I'll post some Kauai recaps. And yes- I will gladly roll into the fetal position and stuff myself in your suitcase


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