These past two days have been hard. We found out that we didn't get the beautiful, rustic, house that we loved and put an offer on. I know you're not supposed to get attached- but I kind of did (like really, really attached). I realize that there are way worse things out there- but I'm just kind of bummed out. I know there's another beautiful house awaiting us in the future, and we'll just have to wait until that comes along.

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  1. Sorry about the house. I hope you're able to find one even better!

  2. This happened to us too. And it was SO devestating. I could not stop thinking about the house that we "lost." But, shortly after we found another house that we love and it ended up being better in the long run. So, please know that something else will come along. Though I know how upsetting it can be.

  3. i'm sorry to hear this, girl.. i know exactly how you feel- i think we put in 3 offers before we finally got the house we are in now... we settled for ours, without really thinking about we wanted, because we were so bummed.. so learn from our mistakes! you'll find something, i'm sure (: keep on truckin'

  4. Thanks ladies. I'm definitely feeling more positive about it now- it was stupid for me to get so attached

    Ash- thanks for the advice. I found myself looking some more and trying to see myself in some other places- so I can see how it can be easy to settle... especially after putting in 3 offers. I'm sure your house is the right place for you both right now... and then maybe something in the wilderness later :)

  5. it's so hard not to get attached to a house you bid on--i mean, you bid on it for a reason, right? i think this happens to almost everyone in the home-buying process. the right place will come alone and you'll love it!


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