I've been loving my time down here in California visiting with family and old friends.

Every minute of every day has been scheduled with fun activities like a spa outing with my mom and sister, family meals, friendship dates and more... it's been pure heaven. And the best part has been who I've been spending it with. I seriously have the most wonderful people in my life... which I know will make it all the more difficult to leave pretty soon

One place I've been to several times already (that I rarely visited before) is downtown

I brunched with my best friend's family at the Mission Inn to celebrate her dad's new marriage (His wife is so sweet!), had a FANTASTIC dinner of butternut squash ravioli with my own dad at Mario's, and then a few days later returned with my dad to walk the farmer's market...

The asian pears were delicious! And the fact that there was an amazing supply of succulents and a gorgeous olive tree for sale made me a just a tad bit sad I no longer had the advantage of a Mediterranean climate for growing

I'm going to miss this... all of it


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