California Bound...

Today we are making the 16 hour trek to California: Me, Danny, and Maverick. And they are having crazy, hot weather for this time of year. For example... a high of 103 tomorrow! What?! We are scheduled for a high of 57 tomorrow with a chance of snow this weekend... I'm now used to snow instead of heat... my heat resistant, California peers are going to look down on me. I'm so looking forward to seeing my family and friends though... and being able to stock up on supplies before the long, Jackson winter is going to be pretty awesome too. LA Fabric District- I'm looking at you!

Since we'll be driving 16 hours tomorrow and probably sleeping all of Friday- I just wanted to wish you a Happy Early Weekend. I'll see you back here next week :)

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  1. Have a safe drive and Welcome Home whenever you get here! I couldn't believe how HOT it has been this week- just last week it was rainy and perfect SoCal "fall" weather (: If you have any free time, we should rendezvous and catch up! If not, I hope you have fun out here- I can imagine it's quite different from Jackson...


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