One Sneaky Pup

Maverick's not allowed on our bed. It's forbidden territory. But lately, I've been finding him napping and soaking up the sunlight on the corner of our bed...

He's smart. It's not all the time, and he does it in the middle of the day when I'm hard at work in my office and not paying attention...

And then I'll take a little break around 3 and come in to find this...

And who can say no to this?

He's one sneaky pup...

If you have pets, are they allowed on the bed?


  1. Maverick looks like he loves that sun!

    We have a dog, Gypsy, that we don't allow to sleep in our bed but make the exception when it's storming out because she is terrified of lightning. I'll catch her on the guest bed in the sun during the day.

  2. as soon as we got our new king size bed, with nice sheets, our cat clawed and scratched her way through them! ): but i don't have the heart to declaw her! all of our dogs stay outside, and on the off chance they come inside, we close the doors to every room...they are just messy... mav is totally adorable though (:

  3. Our dogs are allowed on the bed and usually take up a solid half (leaving a quarter for each Kevin and me).

    When I was in high school we had a dog who was not allowed on the furniture. One day my mom stayed home sick and a funny thing happened. She usually left first, then me, and then my dad. Well, she was up on the second floor in bed. I left as usual. My dad left as usual. As soon as my dad shut the front door she could hear the dog racing across the downstairs, up the stairs, down the hall and was in the middle of leaping up onto her bed when he realized she was in it. She said it was a bit of a road runner while he frantically tried to stop mid jump.

    By the way Brandi - you did my hair flowers for me earlier this year (you blogged about it Jan 24). I rediscovered your blog when I thought about sending you some pics. Which I will do once I get the DVD from my photographer.

  4. He's adorable! I am a pushover with our cat, so much that I sleep poorly from his favorite spot during the night-at my feet in between my legs. I don't have the heart to kick him out because I am one of those annoying people who give animals people emotions.

    They look so comfortable though!

  5. Our dogs are allowed on our bed because we love sleeping with them at night! I have no idea how we could ever keep them off - they LOVE sharing our bed with us!

  6. so cute! I'm a sucker for a cute puppy face. Pax walks all over me...terrible. :)

  7. oh maverick! such a sweet face. coincidentally, i just posted about my pugs in a sunny spot as well!

  8. Wow this issue is pretty divided!

    Lauren- Maverick is scared of lightening too! Any time that or the smoke alarm goes off- he jumps up into our bed... which scares the heck out of me at 4 in the morning!

    Ash- I totally understand! I wouldn't be able to declaw a cat either... I would just feel so bad... that sucks about your new sheets though :(

    Rowan- so great to hear from you again! I would love to see photos from your wedding and I hope you are LOVING married life! By the way- that's hilarious about your dog- they think they're so sneaky!


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