Living in a Snow Globe

Yesterday I woke up to birds singing, blue skies, and the sun shining- it was like Spring was finally here.

Today I woke up to silence. And when I looked outside, I realized why... we were back in winter.

Right before I shoveled our staircase, I measured the snow to see how much we had gotten overnight- 7.5 inches... and counting since it's still snowing

It's absolutely beautiful though. I love how the snow sticks to the trees, creating snow blooms all their own

So even though I miss the sunshine, I'm going to enjoy this little bit left of winter... maybe I'll even go sledding


  1. Sledding is a great idea! I was just thinking what a bummer it is that the mountain is closed, but sledding is a great way to enjoy this winter wonderland. I walked out the door in flats and a light jacket... then went inside and put on my snow boots again. :-)

    - jessicamaylords (can't sign onto Google at work)


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