Light Posting and A Little Blog Love

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My laptop charger has officially stopped working. I'm currently waiting for a new one to arrive in the mail, but until then, there will be light posting here since I have a little over an hour total of battery life left- and I need to make that last for who knows how long. Oh technology.

But until then, check out these two blogs:

1) Three Letter Words. This is my friend Anabel's that she just recently started. We used to work together when I lived back in California. She is an incredibly talented and crafty lady, and she also has a photography project going on where she weekly posts pictures from her friends around the world on a particular subject. And yours truly is also one of the contributors. Our names are not by them but you'll know mine because they say "Wyoming". It's so fun and interesting to see the interpretations that each person has on a particular subject. She has contributors from Singapore, Boston, Cambodia, Brazil, etc...

2) One Eleven Almond Tree. Every time I visit Erica's food blog I find myself drooling all over the keyboard. The recipes she makes and the photos she takes (like my rhyming action there?) are both stunning. And she attempts things I would never even think to try... like making your own Vanilla Extract. Her husband (whom I worked with when I worked with Anabel), will then proceed to make professional looking labels for these homemade vanilla extract bottles. They're a super couple I tell you. And like Anabel, they're some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet.

So stop by, say hi, and I'll be back soon :)


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