It's Fitness Time

Since we've had visitors 3 weeks out of the last four, I've been eating good (really good) and designating all my spare time to hanging out with friends and family. It's been wonderful. But one thing that has severely suffered is my fitness routine... as in... it has become non existent.

So since my dad is leaving today to go back home, I'm making myself get right back in the swing of things again. I actually love working out... once I'm about a week in. Starting it back up again however is not my favorite thing. So I've decided to motivate myself with this fitness ensemble. I actually have a few of the pieces below and I love them (the Montrail Running Shoes and Arc'teryx Mid Layer are great for running in our cold and icy climate). And then there's a few things that I have been wanting forever (the Prana Mahdia Yoga Pants are soooooooo soft). I fluctuate my routine between running and mat workouts and the items below reflect that.

Running and Yoga

Gray Athleta Hoody; Purple Athleta Top; Prana Mahdia Pants; Nike capri activewear; Montrail Trail Running shoes; Mid Layer/Sweaters / Women's / Arc'teryx; Patagonia Women's Crossover Bra; Nalgene Dandelion Water Bottle; Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif Bar


  1. I have an outline for a post just like this! I feel ya lady. I like the tops--I've been looking for a layering piece--Hoodies are too heavy and warm.

  2. Great motivation! One of my favorite things is a hat - warm and fleecy in the winter and light and breathable in the summer. :)

  3. I don't get how you run in the winter... I tried it a couple of weeks back and slipped twice. And it was a lot easier to run when we were right by the bike path, but harder now that we're right in town.

    Also, reading your title of "It's Fitness Time" resulted in me having Flight of the Conchord's "It's Business Time" in my head all day.

    True Story. :-)

  4. Big Apple: I totally forgot to put a hat on here! With these cold winters- I always am wearing one too!

    Jessica: hahaha that was stuck in my head all day after reading your comment

  5. Those seem like some great clothing items in the photo. Though I must say I haven’t tried them out myself. I used to switch a lot of brands before while buying fitness wear, mostly for my yoga sessions. But after I started using the ALO yoga set, I’ve been so used to its comfort and quality that I haven’t opted for other brands in quite a while.


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