Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I'd leave you with this stunning wedding to stare at over the weekend. Everything about it is pure perfection and it was shot by the amazing and talented Jagger Photography. Just check out these photos...
I love how hauntingly beautiful this shot isTheir nautical theme of "Tying the Knot" was shown throughout all the detailsAnd look how gorgeous the bride isAnd I loved all the fabric floral details she used

Amazing! I heart Jagger Photography and their incredible awesomeness. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow - this should be in a magazine!!

  2. I love those bout's. How creative...and those photos are gorgeous!

  3. I love this wedding! We booked Jagger Photography for our wedding next year and I am BEYOND excited to work with them. =)

  4. Bride Concierge- That's so awesome that they'll be photographing your wedding- I love them! And I can't wait to see photos from your big day!!


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