A Fun Day of Mail

I Love Mail. Letters, Magazines, Catalogs, bills... eh... I can I do without the bills- but it's still a nice reminder that I have things like shelter, electricty, tv, etc...

Well anyways, if I Love mail- you can imagine how I feel about packages. And a couple days ago- it felt like Christmas.

Because 1) My very anticipated custom stamp arrived with the Silver Pencils logo- I can't wait to start using this on all my of outgoing packages!
Secondly, my package of Japanese masking tape arrived! I use these pretty little darlings on everything.
And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, UPS dropped off these two spools of baker's twine.
All of these will be used for packaging up outgoing Silver Pencils products and I cannot wait to use them!

Do you have a crazy love for mail too?


  1. I love the look of the logo with the stamp! Gorgeous! and pretty packaging makes me smile every time :)

  2. Wow those are fun packages indeed! :)

  3. so happy someone else loves mail and it is golden when crafty mail is in the mail box or dropped off by the UPS guy in the brown shorts!

  4. Joy- it's your handy work that made it so beautiful! Thanks again!!
    Pam- you are so funny lol


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