A Notebook Engagement

I am loving this Notebook inspired Engagement Shoot by Blushing Bride Studio. The Bride looks so much like Rachel McAdams that I thought they were shots from the movie at first.

All images from Green Wedding Shoes


  1. wow that's amazing i *really* thought that first one was from the movie and that you were going to do a comparison or something, but no, that's really the engagement shoot. so cool!

  2. The Notebook is an old favorite! I really love this e-shoot. I can't believe how much the bride looks like Rachel McAdams. Wow.

  3. I love it. I stole it. Please forgive me! Haha :) I couldn't help myself...

  4. This is just amazing - that bride really does look like her! I absolutely love that movie; this is so cool :)


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