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A few weeks ago, I was inspired by Jules to do a post on my Unread Library. Since then, I've decided to also do a post on my collection of cookbooks. Because here in lies another issue of mine: buying cookbooks and then creating barely any of the recipes out of them, or even (gasp!) none! A few of these have been gifts, but I have bought a lot of them- and even though it has been with good intentions- the madness has got to stop somewhere.

So I will not be buying any more cookbooks until I've tried at least 4 recipes from each of the ones I already have. And believe me- this is harder than it sounds- because I have a lot.

And I've already been tempted- Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc (which I've been wanting to buy FOREVER) was on sale at Gilt for $28 and I stood strong (even though I added it to my cart 3 different times).

So here is my Cookbook Library:

  1. *Easy Entertaining- Ryland, Peters, & Small
  2. *Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey- Jill O'Connor
  3. *The Athlete's Palate Cookbook- Yishane Lee
  4. *Food & Wine, The magazine's annual cookbook 2007
  5. *Food & Wine, Best of the Best vol.10
  6. *Weekends- Katie Brown
  7. *The New Best Recipe- From the Editors of Cook's Illustrated
  8. *Mastering the Art of French Cooking- Julia Child
  9. *What's A Cook To Do- James Peterson
  10. *Everyday Italian- Giada de Laurentiis
  11. *Real Kitchen- Tyler Florence
  12. *Barefoot Contessa Family Style
  13. *Open House Cookbook- Rachael Ray
  14. *Feast- Nigella Lawson
  15. *How to be a Domestic Goddess- Nigella Lawson
  16. *Harumi's Japanese Cooking
  17. *At Home with Michael Chiarello
  18. *Nestle Classic Recipes
  19. *Cookies- Martha Stewart
  20. *Cupcakes- Martha Stewart
  21. *Mrs. Field's Cookie Book
  22. *Food for Friends- Fran Warde
  23. *Instant Entertaining- Donna Hay
  24. *Baking Handbook- Martha Stewart
  25. *The Essential Pasta Cookbook- Bay Books
  26. *Simple Chocolate- Gina Steer
  27. *Pie & Tart- Williams Sonoma
  28. *Emeril's Delmonico- Emeril Lagasse
  29. *Sweet Serendipity- Stephen Bruce
  30. *The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook
  31. *Sunshine Cocktails- Ben Reed
  32. *Hershey's Classic Recipes
  33. *Top Secret Restaurant Recipes- Todd Wilbur
  34. *How to Cook Everything: Mark Bittman
  35. *Book of Great Chocolate Desserts: Maida Heatters
  36. *The Desperate Housewives Cookbook- Christopher Styler

How big is your cookbook library?


  1. wow that's an impressive library! even with my small library, i have a few cookbooks that i haven't used. bad me.

  2. Yum, is it weird that those cookbook pictures made me drool? I have the ad hoc book - I recently made the panna cotta and cherry compote recipes from it. They were great!

  3. I should set a similar goal for myself. I have a ton of cookbooks that I haven't made a single recipe out of! (But I have to say that I do love my Ad Hoc cookbook. I've made 5 recipes out of it already.)

  4. I trimmed our cookbook library down when we moved. I think we have about 10-15 right now. I really want the Ad Hoc cookbook.

  5. I see you're a Food Network fan? Me too! I tend to forget my cookbooks and turn to googling recipes, but I am going to try and be better about using my books this fall and winter! Something about the weather changing makes me want to play chef.

  6. Big Apple and Mrs HC- I'm so jealous that you have the Ad Hoc cookbook... once I reach my goal I will too

    M and C: that's crazy you have 10- 15 after trimming down- you must have had a lot before!

    jduck: Yes- I totally am! And I do the same thing- I always end up googling or looking on for a quick recipe for the ingredients I have on hand


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