I realize today is Friday, but since I don't post over the weekends, I thought I would dedicate the normal "Happy Friday" post to Saturday. Because I really do LOVE Saturdays. Saturday mornings are me time. I work one or both jobs every other day and time of the week- but Saturdays mornings are completely mine.

I start the day checking out different garage sales in the neighborhood. Last week I went to a couple estate sales under the Tetons... one had amazingly massive wood furniture, bison rugs, etc... and the other had tons of old school furniture and trinkets. I picked up a black, vintage desk lamp and crystal and silver serving dish all for $10. I'm using the dish as a fancy playing cards holder- it perfectly holds 2 decks.

Here was my view on the drive out...
And then after hitting up the sales, I always stop by the farmers market in the town squareThis is my Belle moment. I feel like people should be singing Bonjour to me as I pass by. That's how happy I am. These were some of my goodies from last week's trip: kalamata olive bread, fresh bell peppers, zucchini, squash, jalapenos, carrots, blueberries- and the always important chocolate chip cookie I can't wait for tomorrow morning.


  1. It's so awesome how beautiful it is there, I want to live somewhere that looks exactly like that :)

  2. I've always wanted to live somewhere like this and I'm so glad the opportunity finally came. It's amazing! :)


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