Say Hello to the Beautiful Bride

I am blessed with the sweetest customers at my Etsy shop! And Ruth is such a wonderful example. She sent me these photos from her hair trial wearing the Grace peony from my shop. Isn't she completely lovely?!
Her earrings are so elegant! And I love her hairstyle- it's so romantic.
I seriously can't wait to see the photos from her wedding!

Thanks so much for sharing these photos Ruth!


  1. Very cute!!! And her hair is just ridiculously perfect. I don't get it. How are some people just so good at hair?? I look at my hair and go "hmm... down, ponytail or bun?"

    Her earrings are gorgeous as well!

  2. That's a beautiful and very stylish hair style! I absolutely love the big flower too! Your blog is sooo cute! I love the green header :-)

  3. Jessica- Right?! I have the same issues with my hair and hers looks just perfect!

    Sara- Thanks so much!!

  4. oh wow it looks amazing! you did such a wonderful job. i love that it's oversized--makes such a statement!


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