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If any of you have ever seen anything created by Joy of How Joyful- you know that she is incredibly talented at anything she touches. Whether it's baking the desserts for her wedding or constructing the actual chapel she got married in- nothing is too big a project for this woman!

That's why when the time came for my blog redesign- I knew she'd do an amazing job (because yes- why wouldn't she be a rock star at graphic design as well?). And she did! She took all of my scrambled ideas and vision and created something far better than I imagined.

Besides being a genius at everything listed above, she also knows how to sew like no other. Check out some of the new products that are and will be gracing her shop:

Joy creates these beautiful custom Boleros- you pick the color, model, sleeve, and liner- and it's ready to ship in about 2 days . Seriously- where does she find the time?!

She also just started creating these super cute purses. I love the big button!

Check out How Joyful Etsy shop or visit Joy at her blog- you'll be glad you did.

Thanks so much Joy! I love my blog design!


  1. I love Joy and I love that purse! It's too cute

  2. I love the new design - and thanks for introducing me to Joy!

    I'm still finding my feet in the blogosphere, but as soon as I know where I am and what I'm doing, I'd love to use her services!

  3. Everything Joy touches turns to beauty! I read her blog religiously and always "ooh" and "aah", but of course we never think to say things like that. So I'm publicly declaring it here. :)

    Love your new site design.

  4. Joy is probably one of the most talented women I've ever been exposed to. I mean, I bow down to her awe-inspiring talent...and the lady is skilled in EVERYTHING!!!! She is absolutely amazing!

  5. This post and the comments really made my day! thank you ladies for the compliments =)

  6. HOW FABULOUS! Love the new blog layout and, of course, Joy! Also, I agree with Chicken Wing!


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