How Do You Pack?

I've moved 3 times in the last 2 years (not including helping other family and friends)- and although it doesn't get any easier, there are some tactics I've learned to stay true to. First off: I label each side of a box by whatever room it needs to go into. This definitely helps when you have friends and/or family helping you move in. This way instead of always asking where something should go- they can just look on the box. I also write a brief description of the box's contents on the top so I know what should be unpacked first.

We also are huge supporter's of the trash bag method. They're great for large, light items like pillows and down comforters.

I also use trash bags to transport clothing. Before I used to box everything up, but bagging them makes it so much easier to both pack and unpack. I can fit about 10 shirts in each bag and then I tie a rubber band around the neck to make sure they stay together. But as organized as I tried to be, by the end of the day, some things still ended up just getting thrown into whatever space was leftover in the moving van.

Are there any tried and true moving methods that you swear by?


  1. When you go to move your stuff on hangers, use your broom stick and 1 person at each end. Hang the stuff on the stick and carry the hanging stuff up on the stick! Saves a lot of trips!

  2. I keep the boxes stuff comes in, like TVs and the mixer all nested inside each other in the storage closet on our apt's patio. My old apt. had a wire mesh cage for each unit in the attic, where I stored them before. It helps to know that your major electronics are safe and pack well, and you can always pack things around them in the negative space, like tea towels or tupperware!

  3. I just label everything. It's always so much work huh?


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