Surprise Date Night Camping Trip

A few days ago, I surprised my husband at his work when he got off and whisked him away for a surprise date night. I'd already packed the car with all our camping gear, as well as made that night's dinner and prepped the supplies for the following morning's breakfast- I was prepared!

Everything was going great. Danny was surprised and stoked to be going camping and fishing. Maverick was excited to be out of the house. And I must say I was feeling pretty satisfied with the way everything was working out. Until we got to the campground that is... and every single site was full. What?! Everything near town and the national parks are always full, but not small little places south of town. It was also 8:30pm and the sky was starting to get dark- my awesome plan was quickly falling apart.

We decided to try a campground neither of us had ever been to that was 9 miles down a dirt road. 9 miles on a dirt road, in the dark, while you're hungry, is a really long time. Plus- we didn't know if we were going to drive all the way down there and then there be no spots so we were definitely a little anxious, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. 

But what we arrived to was amazing. Because while more than half the campground was full, the best spot on the very end, and with no neighbors, and plenty of open space, was empty. It was awesome.

We woke up here...

The view from our tent...

That morning we cooked up pancetta, over easy cheddar eggs, and sauteed onions & peppers- yum. Then topped off with some french press coffee and orange juice with that view- amazingness

After breakfast, Danny got ready to go fly fishing (I love this man)...

While I sat and read for a while...

Maverick was busy too... guarding this hole the entire morning. There was a critter in there he was determined to get

If you like it, camping is such a great date night. Because not only can it be romantic snuggling by the fire and escaping from reality for a bit, but it's also incredibly affordable- and relaxing. No cell phone service relaxes me like no other.

Plus, our pup seems to like it a lot too

Until next time Granite Creek...


  1. kid of sounds like it was the best weekend ever! and those photos of your pup are freaking adorable!

  2. I love this! And you said one of my favorite mottos, "Expect the worst, hope for the best." These are the best date nights ever. Love to you both <3


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