Overnight Camping Trip: What to Bring

Living in the mountains, Danny & I are blessed with the opportunity to go camping almost as often as we'd like. Because we both work, they often can't be long, but an overnight camping trip is sometimes just the thing you need to get rid of the stress of the day and relax in nature.

For those of you who don't get to go camping very often but are interested in doing so, I've compiled a list of the supplies we've found most useful in bringing. I hope it helps and let me know if you have any questions!

1) Tent (If you don't have one already- cheap ones can generally be found at Target or some sporting goods store. Or I'm sure if you asked around- you'd find a friend or family member who's had one lying in their garage for some time now- just make sure it has all the poles and stakes)

2) Sleeping Bags (We also have cheap pillows from K- Mart that we bring for extra comfort).

3) Therm-a-Rest (these are pads that can be easily inflated/ deflated for sleeping on. Very compact and light- great for future backpacking as well). We use these ones.

4) Lantern (We have this one and love it)

5) Chairs
6) Firewood (Matches and Kindling) Kindling are normally small pieces of wood/ twigs that catch fire first. If you are arriving at dark and or are going to an area where they may not be a lot of wood lying around- we always bring a newspaper and/ or old phonebook as a replacement). If you are not great at starting fires- you may want to bring lighter fluid as well. I like to build fires like I'm an ancient Native American and am totally against it. But Danny likes it as it starts a fire quick and you don't really have to focus as much on the kindling... so it's up to you :)

7) Cooking Supplies Ours generally consist of: Cooler, Cast Iron Skillet, Stove with propane,Wire hangers (for s'mores or hot dogs), Cups, Plates, Paper Towels, Utensils, Soap

8) Food, Ice, & Water I also generally do all the prep work for meals before we go and have everything ready in baggies/ containters (chopped onions/ peppers, etc...)

9) Your Dog

10) Books/ Magazines, Cards, fly fishing gear, etc...

11) Camera

12) Clothing and Shoes that can get dirty (bring something warm for the nights as well- fleece pants are the best

Depending on your taste, their may be additional things you would want- but these are the basics for us and they seem to get us through each trip.

Now get out there and go camping!


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