Different & Obscure Eateries

Since I grew up in California, I figured I'd been to every great eatery in the area. This trip out- I was proved seriously wrong. Our friends have taken us out to some amazing places. One place that I definitely loved was this bakery below:

This place is crazy! My friend Anabel and I arrived at around 8:30pm on a weeknight and there was still a line out the door! I felt like I was standing in line for some new club. The bakery was at maximum capacity! It was amazing though! I LOVE Asian baked goods and this place did not disappoint. Besides being super excited to get some fresh An Pan (one of my favorite snacks), I also snacked on some Taro swirl bread, a chocolate croissant, and a delicious iced, sea salt coffee- yum...

A few days later, my friend Chris took me to The Yellow Deli in Vista. This place was incredibly interesting. Besides being open 24 hours a day/ 5 days a week, and being in an absolutely beautiful building- it is also run by the 12 tribes. You can read about the 12 tribes through the link above (which is their site), as well as through your own research. Basically, many believe the 12 tribes to be a cult. I do not know much about them, and after various research on their beliefs I even questioned posting about their restaurant. From what I have read, I disagree very strongly with many of the main parts of their beliefs, and I am not recommending at all for someone to join their community. I am only writing here to say they do beautiful craftsmanship and that the food is healthy and good.

Knowing the service can sometimes be slow as well, we brought along some cards and played a full game of Rummy. It was fun.

What out of the ordinary places do you have near you?


  1. That tray full of baked goods is making my mouth water...


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