Sister Time!

My sister is flying in tonight! Yay! That means for the next two and a half weeks, I'm going to be hanging out with one of my favorite people.
We may be 7.5 years apart, but she's always been wise beyond her years (she should like that comment). I remember when she used to come visit me back when I lived at the beach with my best friend. When my roomie was out, my sister and I would hack (I had her password) into her Myspace account (yah... remember Myspace)- and we would change her entire profile to reflect some wild obsession. My friend always got a kick out of whatever we did and it was great fun for my sister and I. Then we would photoshop a picture of my friend for her profile to make the obsession more real lol. She's been obsessed with unicorns, wolves, the Black Eyed Peas, policemen (her current profession) and as shown below: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Love that I had a reason to show this photo again.

My sister hasn't been out since last July and I'm so excited to see her! I always have so much fun with her and I can't wait to take her hiking, rafting, shopping, lunching, whatever she wants. Isn't sister time the best?
A picture with my brother and sister when they visited last summer.


  1. Sister time is my absolute favorite! My sister and I are also really close, despite being 10 years apart, so I totally understand your excitement! :) Have a fabulous time!

  2. Fun! Being reunited with my sisters in korea has been sweet so totally agreed. Lots of late nights talking about everything and nothing are my fave:) you guys have similar pretty you both are! Have a great time:)

  3. Oh My Gosh!!!!! Um so its been too long since Ive checked your blog!!!!! So yea I'm still laughing out loud!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahaha!!!

    Hey by the way you two hacking into my myspace is the reason my husband decided I was awesome and asked me out on our first date!!!! It was the wolf background when he first saw it and fell in love with me:) Little did he know....!!


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