A New Look at Yellowstone

If you ever go to Yellowstone, I highly recommend breaking the trip down into at least 2 days. When my sis was here last summer, I took her to see Old Faithful and some other popular spots- but most of the trip consisted of driving (Yellowstone is huge). So this time we skipped everything we'd seen before and focused on some new attractions.

The day before we went however, we stopped at Grand Teton National Park. Look how stylish she is next to me. There I am still covered in fleece and there she is looking all cute.

Catching the reflection of the Tetons in the restaurant we lunched at...

We even saw a moose. Note to tourists: If you want to see a moose go to the town of Moose... sounds self explanatory, but really- there are almost always moose there and it's right at the entrance to Teton National Park too.

I call them "moose- i". You know like octopi and cacti, and other plural words that end in "i". I realize the fault in my ways and that even octopi is under scrutiny- but I like it- I think it's catchy- and "moose- i" is just fun to say

And on to Yellowstone...

And my favorite animal: the bison

Tower Falls up near the north end of Yellowstone

Mammoth Hot Springs: In the town of Mammoth, elk are allowed to roam freely. It's kind of crazy walking around and having elk everywhere. The hot springs shown here are just on the edge of town

While we were walking on the boardwalk, we saw this snake off to the side

My camera was having a difficult time focusing and then I realized why- the snake was coming for me! I quickly took the pic and hurried off

After leaving Mammoth we headed back down the other side of Yellowstone (Yellowstone is one big loop). We had to stop for about 15 minutes however due to some traffic (bison walking on the road) so I snapped this quick pic of my cute little sis

And then out the window of all the beautiful trees surrounding us

We soon made our way to Midway Geyser Basin

Just look at how blue this one pool is... kind of makes you feel like you're in the Caribbean

Grand Prismatic Spring: The hot steam here is crazy! There would be moments that we would have to stop walking because we couldn't see directly in front of us... we'd of course hold onto one another and giggle like little school girls

A view from afar

Two days after returning from Yellowstone, we went on our last adventure- white water rafting down the Snake River. The water is super high right now because of the snow melt and all the rain we've been having, which made it so much fun! I highly recommend doing some rafting if given the chance. Here we are on the bus on our way down... no make- up and ready for some waves


  1. Looks like an amazing short little trip! How fun that you got to go with your sister. I'd love to do the same thing with my brother. We went white water rafting on Colorado river in the Grand Canyon last month and it was the best trip of my life. We've also been rafting on the Snake and it's awesome!! Sounds like you guys had a great time.

  2. I can't wait to go back to Yellowstone in August - I haven't been in almost 10 years :) Thanks for the reminder to check out the Moose! Also: you both look hecka amazing for no make-up in the last shot!

  3. I've done rafting one time and it was snake river as well! Gosh these pix were gorgeous... it's been years since I've been around there, I must go back.

  4. You and your sister are adorable!! And that snake is TERRIFYING.

  5. Heather- How fun! I want to go down the Grand so bad!! We just had some friends go raft it for a month... which may be a little long for me lol but I still want to go

    Sprinkles: Ahh thanks... I feel like I look 7 years old

    Laura: Yes come back! Then we could meet up too :)

    Jessica: Right?! I ran off like a scared little girl lol. There are a lot out right now- Danny almost stepped on 2 while out hiking Cascade the other day!

  6. Wow Brandi! Can you believe you live there? Looks amazing! (except for the snake!) and you and your sister look the same without makeup--so pretty!


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