Our Best Anniversary Part 2

As the rain started to come down harder and the clouds became darker (as seen below), Danny and I decided to pack up the remnants of our picnic lunch and take a drive through the Park. And every time the sun came peaking through the clouds, we'd jump out of the truck, do a little exploring, and take some pictures. I love this one I shot of Danny. The scenery is so beautiful, and you'd never know he's actually trying to fix the camera on his iphone.I've never experienced a real Fall Season before moving here, and now I can't imagine living without it.The leaves changing color...The cold but invigorating bite in the air...I love Fall. And the fact that we get to add in majestic, wild animals makes it all the betterWe saw this bear on our way back home too!
Spending real, quality time with my husband was the best gift he could have ever given me. I love Danny so much and am incredibly blessed to be his wife. Happy Anniversary Love!


  1. OMG, how close were you to that bear?! I hope you have some sick zoom on your camera. Haha

    That scenery is breath taking, and I agree, that picture of him is so good.

  2. Uhhhhhh I still haven't seen a bear this summer!! Or in summer of '06... it's embarrassing.

    Your biscotti is in the mail! Didn't realize the post office was closed yesterday until I got there and went "oh."

  3. Wow, what an awesome anniversary & what gorgeous scenery! I can't wait to see the snow pics this winter, that is what would scare me away from living there, the snow! Visiting it in Big Bear for a day or weekend is one thing, but having to live with it 24/7 for months intimidates me!

  4. Jessica- I'm ashamed to say I was close... but not that close- I did have my zoom all the way out and... there were a group of people in front of me ;)

    Jessica Lords: We saw this one on the Moose Wilson Road- I guess there's been 3 of them there seen quite frequently these past 2 weeks. And I'm so excited for the biscotti- I'm going to the post office today- usually I'm just shipping stuff out so I'm so excited to be receiving something for a change!! :) Thanks so much!

    Frau- I'm really excited for the winter... but we'll see how I feel afterwards lol. But I am very excited to have a white Christmas and go playing in the snow :)

  5. This is wonderful, Brandi! I am so happy that the two of you got some QT to just enjoy each other! It was abundantly apparent just how much love the two of you share through viewing your wedding journey, and I'm so excited for the two of you as you continue the journey through life! Happy 2nd (and best) Anniversary!!! :)


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