Our Best Anniversary Part 1

The Grand Tetons:The Snake River:Because the tourist season is over until winter hits, we were able to have this perfect picnic spot all to ourselvesWe lunched on Danny's homemade salad and dressing (he makes the BEST salads), pesto artichoke pasta, kettle chips, a giant chocolate chip cookie, white wine, water, and our favorite sandwich, the Sicilian, from a local market here in townIt was perfect- we enjoyed this lunch more than any fancy meal we've ever had. And the fact that we could just sit there, talk, and eat- with no one else around was so romantic and meaningfulThis was our view from our picnic spot. So serene and beautiful... after our picnic lunch, we went down on the beach below with a glasses of wine to enjoy the beautiful view and watch the incoming storm I stopped prancing around the beach in my Hunter boots just long enough for Danny to take this shot

October 4th, a week ago from today, was our 2 year wedding Anniversary. Because we're on a budget, we decided to forgo the normal expensive dinner and presents routine and do something more affordable and thoughtful.

This is how our day went.

I wake up first and walk Maverick every morning. But on Monday I woke up to find Danny already gone with the dog. The simplest thing was already making me feel like it was my birthday. I decided to take this time for a nice, long, hot shower. When Danny returned, he had orange juice, strawberries, champagne, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in which he had gone down and picked out each stem. Seriously, was this my birthday or our anniversary?

As we sipped mimosas and discussed our plans for the day, I gave Danny my present... Patagonia base layers lol. Not the most romantic gift, but something I knew he desperately wanted. He loved the shirt so much he ended up wearing the entire day. Mission Accomplished.

Next, we packed up a gourmet lunch and headed out for Teton National Park. And because it's Autumn, we were greeted with the most beautiful scenery.

Next... our Anniversary Picnic turns into a photography date through the Park :)


  1. Looks like a very romantic spot, and those views? Gorgeous!

    I soooo want a pair of Hunter boots! Hopefully I'll hint around enough to get them for Christmas.

    Happy Belated Anniversary!

  2. Sounds like a perfect celebration - and I'm always in awe of the breathtaking scenery!

  3. That looks like an amazing way to spend an anniversary!! That lunch looks delicious.

    I have been hinting at a pair of Hunters for Christmas too.. :)

  4. Jessica and Heather- my Hunter's were a Christmas present and I get so much use out of them! Danny makes fun of me because I purposely walk through every puddle :)

    Big Apple- I don't think I'll ever get used to how beautiful it is here. It's incredibly refreshing

  5. happy anniversary! looks like a wonderful time, and so appropriate for you two to celebrate by being out and about in beautiful settings.


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