The Road

Here are some shots I snapped from the road.

We were fortunate enough to have a very beautiful drive up to Wyoming. We drove through deserts, mountains, heat, rain, and snow...We drove through beautiful landscapes... and I tried to limit my photo snapping while simultaneously drivingDanny and I had to drive separately since he was driving the moving van- but luckily I had my sweet puppy to keep me company... even if he was a little tired of my singingAnd after 935 miles, we were at our new home... a town I can't wait to tell you more about


  1. Beautiful pics. Can't wait to hear more!

  2. wow, great! I've been to Jackson Hole but it was at least 5 years ago...can't wait to see where you live!

  3. Hello. My name is Miss Chicken Wing, and I am living vicariously through you. That is all.


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