The First Few Days...

After driving halfway across the United States...and enjoying the beautiful scenery... We were in Jackson. My best friend flew in the day after we got there to help us settle in and unpack. But we couldn't have her fly all this way and not take her out- what kind of hosts would we be? So we decided to explore the national parks. Yellowstone was still closed from our entrance so we stuck with Grand Teton National Park.As you can see, it was still pretty frozen over.Maverick was scared to death of the frozen lake and kept trying to run away (he succeeded once).After because you can only stare at frozeness for so long, we headed back to our place...where we had a wonderful wine and cheese party to warm us up. We have this cute (and expensive) meat and fish company right by our house with tons of fresh cheese, salami, and smoked salmon. It was gooooodUp next- we go river rafting and see a bunch of wildlife


  1. UHHH you got a GREAT bald eagle shot!! I may need to bring the hub's fancy camera next time I go down the river my point and shoot just can't do any justice.

  2. Wow - your new place looks amazing! I can't believe that it was still frozen and cold! We had a 95-degree day today on the semi-Southern East Coast!

  3. Not gonna lie, I love the frozen scenery! It looks so amazing! :)

  4. Jessica- I got lucky- he literally just stayed in that position forever... I think he was as cold as I was

    Chicken Wing- hey lady! I never thought I'd say this but 95 degrees sounds amazing! I'm a rain person but I could use some of that sunshine right about now :)

    Alyssa- me too! We had it all to ourselves which made it more fun as well!


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