Weekend Mountain Wedding: The Day Before

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

I'm waking up in my bed, my room, my house for the last time. I'm marrying my best friend in 1 whole day. I remember waking up the day after Mr. Espresso proposed. My eyes slowly tried to push themselves open and then quickly darted to my left hand to see if the previous night were real. Awwhh the ring was there. And then I'd just stare at it, put my hand under the covers, and then quickly pull it out again to see if anything had changed.

That's how I felt on this day. I would lie there, look at my ring, look around my messily boxed up room, and then look back down at my left hand. Awwh sweet God, ONE. MORE. DAY.

And the day begins.

Throw down some Advil. Try to not feel flu at its peak. Choose: shower or pedicure. Drive to nail salon and pick an OPI color that references our Honeymoon spot. Relax in the massage chair. Forgot to buy a garter. Call lovely bridesmaid and ask her to pick up one for me on the way- any color, any style.

Pack up all the vehicles. Caravan up the mountain. Pull into Big Bear Village. Run into North Pole Fudge Co and pay for 160 Caramel Apples. Astonished by generosity of staff who offers free delivery. Wonder how sick I actually look. Fiddle with oily hair. Walk out of shop and into crisp fall air. Smell fireplaces going. Smell pine trees. LOVE MY LIFE. LOVE THIS DAY. LOVE MY FIANCE FOR THE LAST DAY.

We arrive at Alpenhorn and it's Prep Time! Bridesmaids and family arriving left and right. Vendors arriving. Vendors NOT arriving. Wind arriving. Hhhmmm....

I get my girls settled in each of their rooms and then we all get to work. Centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres need to be made (Remember we purchased all of our flowers from the LA Flower District the day before). Our favors of homemade chocolate chip cookies inside brown paper bags also need to be finished. I start cutting the ribbon for tomorrow's caramel apples and we all have some girl time. (Some of the flowers... note to future brides- do not put flowers by fireplace)

(Multitasking: Talking to vendors, holding a favor bag, and rocking my Tom Petty concert tee)

(Future SIL Espresso and friend preparing favors)
(Red headed sister Espresso and MOH finishing Favor bags)

Once Mr. Espresso and his groomsmen arrive, it's time to unpack the tables and chairs the rental co. dropped off and set everything up. Long tables on the lawn, chairs in the reception area. Heaters situated where people are more likely to congregate. We had a lot to set up, but with our large bridal party and family it was done in no time. Having everyone there to help us set up was incredibly special to me. Not only were people making a long drive to see us exchange our vows, but they were coming the day before to help us make it happen. I felt incredibly blessed.
(Chairs set up in Ceremony area)

Have you enlisted help to set up for your wedding?

Up Next: The Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner


  1. sounds like the most wonderful day. can't wait to hear more!

  2. Hey Bel! Good to hear from you again! Hope all is going well!


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