New Posts Coming Very Soon!

I'm so so sorry! I've been absent for such a long time now. And now I've finally received my disc of wedding pictures, and my laptop is so old it doesn't even have the room to load them (amongst other troubles). So either tomorrow or Thursday- I'm going laptop shopping! I'm still unsure on which one I'm going with... need something with a lot of storing power and affordable... but I'm going to be able to blog again with my own pictures! And my Wedding recaps will be placed amongst these as well- as well as my camping trip recaps- Geeze there's so much to talk about! I'm so excited! See you soon! Very soon!


  1. I'm so excited you're back! I can't wait to see your wedding photos...does the wedding seem like forever ago now that you finally have them?

    Hope life's going well for you!

  2. Thanks so much Katie and Congratulations on your wedding as well! The wedding feels like so long ago and yet, going through the photos I feel like it was just yesterday. Congrats again to you. I hope you're enjoying being a MRS!


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